Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen or Cavalry

COLONEL: Robert Dyer

  • DATES: September 1813 – May 1814 (some enlisted in January 1814)
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson, Dickson, Giles, Overton, Robertson, Stewart, and Sumner Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: (Lt.)James Berry, Samuel Crawford, Nathan Farmer, James Haggard, Charles Kavanaugh, Archibald McKenney, John Miller, William Mitchell, Michael Molton, Edwin G. Moore, David Smith, George Smith, and James Terrill.


One of two regiments which Dyer commanded at different times of the war, this regiment was part of General John Coffee’s cavalry brigade throughout most of the Creek War. The unit participated in most of the battles of the war, including Talladega (9 November 1813), where they formed the reserves, and Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814). There were several companies of “spies” in the regiment: companies of cavalry that were sent on reconnaissance patrols and usually took the lead in the line of march for Jackson’s army.