Separate Battalion of West Tennessee Militia

MAJOR: William Woodfolk

  • DATES: September 1814 – March/April 1815
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Jackson, Wilson, Overton, Stewart, and Williamson Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: Abraham Dudney, William McCulley, James C. Neill, Abner Pearce, Ezekiel Bass, John Sutton, and James Turner.


This battalion was based at Fort Jackson most of the time from late November 1814 to early 1815. Some of the men were stationed at Fort Decatur, where the remnants of the defeated Creek Nation came to surrender, seeking food and supplies (surrendering Creeks also went to Fort Jackson). One company, under Captain Abner Pearce, was stationed at Fort Montgomery. Woodfolk was a wealthy land speculator who owned a large plantation in Jackson County. He served in the state legislature and was also a justice of the peace in Jackson County.

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