May 18, 1864 – Punishment for illegal sale of passes and exemptions from service with the Memphis Enrolled Militia

General Orders No. 16
Headquarters 1st Brigade E. M.
District of Memphis
Memphis, Tenn., May 19, 1864

The following order from District Headquarters is published for the benefit of
the militia organization in the District of Memphis and all whom it may

Headquarters District of Memphis
Memphis, Tenn., May 18, 1864
Special Orders No. 100
~ ~ ~
II. The charges and specifications against J. C. Cohen, Captain and Assistant
Adjutant General, on the staff of Col. John MacDonald, commanding 1st
Brigade E. M., in the District of Memphis, and the testimony taken in the case
has been submitted to the General Commanding District of Memphis.
Charge first-larceny
Charge second-Obtaining money under false pretenses
The testimony does not sustain either of these charges, but does convince the
mind of the General Commanding that Capt. Cohen collected with one John
Hallum for sale of papers to divers persons, exempting them from the Militia
duty for thirty days. These papers were not forged. Capt. Cohen being
authorized to issue passes, nor does the offense come under the charge of
“obtaining money under false pretenses,” the purchaser of the passes being
equally guilty with the seller. It was offering a bribe to one party and accepting
it by another.
It is therefore ordered that the said J. C. Cohen be reduced to the ranks and
prevented from holding any office in the Enrolled Militia of Memphis for one
This order will be read on Dress Parade of each Regiment of the Enrolled
Militia of Memphis. Col. John D. McDonald Commanding 1st Brigade
Enrolled Militia of Memphis, is charged with the execution of this order.
By order of Brig. Gen. B. F. Buckland
~ ~ ~
By order of Col. John McDonald
~ ~ ~
Memphis Bulletin, May 20, 1864.

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