February 26, 1864 – “General Orders No. 6.” Enforcement of the Enrolled Militia Program in Memphis

• See January 20, 1864–Organization of Federal Home Guard in Memphis,
Special Field Orders, No. 6

Headquarters 1st Brigade Enrolled Militia, District of Memphis.
Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 26, 1864.
The following order is published for the benefit of this command all whom it
may concern:
Headquarters District of Memphis,
Memphis Tenn., Feb. 26, 1864
Special Order No. 39
* * * *
III. Colonel John McDonald, commanding 1st Brigade, Enrolled Militia,
District of Memphis, will proceed immediately with the execution of General
Orders, No. 6, from his headquarters of date January 20, 1864, and approve of
these headquarters same date, by arresting every male resident of Memphis
who have not complied with the requirements of the said order.
Colonel McDonald is hereby empowered to fine each party whom he adjudges
guilty of willful non-compliance with said order from ten (10) to one hundred
(100) dollars, according to the nature of the delinquent’s offense—the moneys
so collected from said fines to constitute a fund for the purpose of meeting the
contingent expenses of the militia of this district.
Col. McDonald will keep an accurate recorded of all fines collected by placing
in his record the amount of each one received, with the name of the party
paying the same. He will also make a return on the first day of each month to
these headquarters of all fines so collected, and of the source from whence
All persons so arrested who refuse to pay the fine imposed upon them Col.
McDonald will cause to be confined in the Irving Block Military Prison until
their fined are paid.
* * * *
By order of Brig. Gen. R. F. Buckland

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