February 25, 1864 – Ambassador Baron von Gerolt protests enrolling Prussian citizens into Memphis enrolled militia

Washington, February 25, 1864.
Hon. E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War:
SIR: I have the honor to inclose a copy of a note yesterday’s date from Baron
von Gerolt, together with its printed accompaniment, and will thank you to
enable me to comply with his request for information concerning the true
meaning of the general order (No. 2) of the military authority at Memphis to
which he refers.
I am, sir, your obedient servant,
WAR DEPARTMENT, February 29, 1864.
Respectfully referred to the Gen.-in-Chief for report.
By order of the Secretary of War:
ED. R. S. CANBY, Brig.-Gen. and Assistant Adjutant-Gen.
PRUSSIAN LEGATION, Washington, February 24, 1864.
Hon. WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State of the United States,
SIR: His Majesty’s consul at Saint Louis, on the application of several Prussian
subjects residing at Memphis, Tenn., has sent to me the inclosed general order
(No. 2) of the military authority at Memphis of January 30 last, by which,
according to article 2, it seems the subjects of foreign governments have to be
enrolled in the military service of the militia, or will be required to leave the
District of Memphis, &c.
As I have reason to doubt whether it was intended to apply this article to aliens
residing in the District of Memphis, I would feel obliged to you by being
informed of the true interpretation of the aforementioned order on this subject.
I have the honor to be, with the highest consideration, your obedient servant,
[Slip (printed) inclosed was cut from a newspaper. It is a publication of
General Orders, No. 2, headquarters First Brigade Enrolled Militia, District of
Memphis, dated Memphis, January 30, 1864, filed with S. 531, Hdqrs. of the
Army, 1864.]

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