February 19, 1862 – Governor Isham G. Harris’ General Orders to the Tennessee Militia

To the Commanders of the Militia:
1. The State of Tennessee has been invaded by an enemy that threatens the
destruction of the rights and liberties of her people-to meet and repel which
you are required to call at once to the field the whole effective force under your
command that is our can be armed, which you command that is or can be
armed, which you will immediately organize and march to the rendezvous
hereafter designated.
2. You will make vigilant efforts to secure for the troops under your command
every available weapon of defence that can be had.
3. The militia in the First division, from the counties above and adjoining Knox
County, will rendezvous at the city of Knoxville. The militia from the counties
in this division south of Knoxville will rendezvous at Chattanooga. The militia
of the second and Third divisions will rendezvous at General A. S. Johnston’s
headquarters. The militia in the Fourth division, from the counties, from the
counties of Henry, Weakley, Gibson, Carroll, Benton, Decatur, Hardin,
McNairy, Hardeman and Madison, will rendezvous at Henderson Station, and
those from the other counties of this division will rendezvous at Memphis.
4. The general officers will make immediate arrangements for the
transportation to and the supply and subsistence of their commands at said
rendezvous. All receipts and orders given by them for such purpose will be
evidence of indebtedness upon the part of the State. They will, by proper
orders, consolidate squads into companies.
5. Thorough and efficient drill and discipline of the forces must be enforced by
all commanders.
6. Regular and constant reports must be made by officers commanding
divisions, posts and detachments to the Commander-in-Chief.
7. R. C. Foster, of the county of Davidson, is appointed Acting Major-General
for the Second division of the Tennessee militia.
8. Edwin H. Ewing, of the county of Rutherford, is appointed Acting MajorGeneral
for the Second division of the Tennessee Militia.
9. Lucius J. Polk, of the county of Maury, is appointed Acting BrigadierGeneral
for the Twenty-fourth brigade of Tennessee militia.
10. As rapidly as it can be done after proper arrangements are made, as ordered
herein, the forces hereby called out will be removed to their respective
The Commander-in-Chief relies upon your a activity and promptness in the
execution of this order. It is your attention to duty that will make efficient
soldiers of you commands. By command of

Isham G. Harris
W. C. Whitthorne, Adjutant-General

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