December 3, 1861 – Militia companies in Palmyra and the fight at Cousin Sally Dillard’s.

Last Tuesday [3rd], we made a flying trip to Palmyra, under the care of Capt.
John Cain, and in company with Hon. J. M. Quarles, Robt. Johnson, Esq., and
other of our acquaintance. When we arrived, the militia were congregated in
large numbers, and the volunteers were being sworn into service under the
supervision of Lieut.-Col. John Minor, and Major S. A. Caldwell. Several
volunteer companies were being formed. Capt. Young has a company nearly
full, Capt Peacher is getting on finely with his, and both will soon be complete.
Some people are disposed to doubt the courage of the militia, but that doubt
would have been removed could they have seen the fight we saw-a real fistycuff-between
a small militiaman and one nearly double his size. Big
militiamen cried-Hold! enough! ” and little militiaman was pulled off, and so
ended the fight “at Cousin Sally Dillard’s.”
Clarksville Chronicle, December 6, 1861

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