December 1, 1861 – Correspondence and militia notices in the Nashville Daily Gazette

Nashville Theatre, Nov. 30, 1861
Mrs. Gen. Barrow, Nashville:
Respected Madam:-Enclosed please find $112.40, being amount realized by
benefit for the relief of the sick soldiers on Thursday evening last.
With much respect, yours truly,
Walter Keeble, Manager Nashville Theatre
To Mr. Keeble:
The ladies of the Hospital Association return their thanks to Mr. Keeble, for
two benefits given at the theatre, for the benefit of the sick soldiers under their
care, for the first yielding $42-the last $112.40.
Mrs. G. Shelby, P. H. Association of Tenn., Nov. 30, 1861.
Ladies of the Tennessee Hospital Association return many thanks to the editors
of the several city papers, for so kindly publishing their business matter,
regardless of trouble and expense to themselves. They likewise acknowledge
their indebtedness to Messrs. Harris and Reckless for their efficient efforts in
procuring chances in President Davis’ picture [raffle], having, through them,
realized the handsome sum of $277 for the picture.
Mrs. Wm. Cooper, Secretary.
The Soldiers’ Relief Society will meet on Monday at 10 o’clock A. M., in the
Christian Church.
Nashville Confederates.
You are requested to meet at Headquarters Monday morning promptly at 9
o’clock. All who wish to be elected Wednesday. All who wilt to avoid being
drafted, some up and be mustered into service.
Brig. Gen. Tighlman, commanding the defenses of the Cumberland and
Tennessee rivers, has ordered the discontinuance of the blockading fleet of
steamers. No more obstructions are to be placed in the channel of the rivers;
fortifications, batteries and armed bodies of men, are instead to be the means of
our defenses along these rivers. A wise man and officer-like movement, and
speaks well for the ability of Gen. T.
Captains of Militia Companies.
You are requested by law to collect all the guns belonging to citizens within the
bounds of your respective companies. It is no less your duty, though not
imposed by law, to get a supply of lead, however small, with each rifle. There
is great necessity for doing so, and the announcement is made to you by high
authority. Do not neglect to get the bullet moulds, for each rifle, and powder,
powder horns, land shot pouches wherever they are to be had.
Attention 2nd Ward Militia.
In accordance with orders from Colonel Commandant, I hereby notify you to
meet at the hall in the upper end of the market House, on Monday morning at
10 o’clock, I order that one half the company may be detailed for active service
in the field.
Any persons claiming exemption under the laws, will present themselves to me
with the necessary proof, at the above hall before the hour of the meeting.
E. I. Thompson, Captain.
To the Sixth Ward Militia.
You are hereby notified to meet on Monday morning, at 10 o’clock at the
corner of Broad and Cherry streets, up stairs, over Geo. Richards & Co.’s drug
store. Let there be full attendance of every man subject to military duty, as
business of importance will be transacted.
Attention! Guards-Company D
Will assemble at their Armory on Monday morning, at nine o’clock, for the
purpose of detailing half their number for immediate active service in the field,
in response to the order calling the militia. Let every man be prepared to
volunteer, to make up the quota of the company.
E. G. Pearl, Captain.
Attention, 1st Ward Guards.
You are hereby ordered to meet at you hall, Market St., on Monday morning
next, precisely at 9 o’clock, for the purpose of volunteering or being drafted to
conform to the general order No. 13
By order of Capt. Coltart
Andrew A. O’Kane, Capt.
1st Ward Militia.
By order of the Colonel Commanding, you are hereby notified to attend a
meeting at your hall on Monday, December 2d, at precisely 9 o’clock, for the
purpose of transacting business of importance.
J. E. Newman, Capt.
7th Ward Militia.
You are hereby ordered to meet at Temperance Hall, Monday morning at 10
o’clock. All who have certificates of exemption will present them to me at
Foster’s shoe shop, South Market street.
E. F. Corbett, Captain.
8th Ward Militia.
You are hereby ordered to meet at my Hall, on South Cherry street, at 10
o’clock Monday morning. All persons holding certificates of exemption, must
file them with me by the time of meeting.
J. G. Sawyer, Captain.
The Nashville True Blues are hereby notified to meet at their Armory at 7
o’clock Monday evening, on very important business. A full attendance is
especially requested. By order of the Captain.
Bruce Buckner, O. S.
3d Ward Militia.
You are notified to meet at the upper end of the Market house (third story) on
Monday morning at 10 o’clock.
4th Ward Militia.
You are notified to meet at Bellview at 10 o’clock Monday morning, to transact
business of the utmost importance.
R. S. Patterson, Capt.
Attention! Nashville Zouaves.
You are hereby ordered to assemble at your armory on Monday morning at 10
o’clock. By order of the Captain
A. C. Bauer, O. S.
Nashville Daily Gazette, December 1, 1861.

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