Battalion of East Tennessee Militia

MAJOR: Thomas C. Clark

  • DATES: January 1814 – July 1814
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Roane, Bledsoe, and Rhea Counties.

    Allen S. Bacon, James Berry, John Hankins, (Lt.) John Hixson(Hixon), and Thomas Walker.


This unit, a detachment from the 8th Brigade of Tennessee Militia, was ordered to Fort Armstrong in January 1814. A letter from Major Clark to Andrew Jackson written from that post in late January, stated that Clark’s battalion was made up of approximately 300 men. Clark related that he left one of his captains’ companies of fifty men at Camp Ross (near present-day Chattanooga) to take care of the public stores found there. Although little is known of this unit, the battalion was more than likely used to facilitate the transfer of supplies from east Tennessee to the armies fighting in the Creek campaigns.

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