3rd Regiment West Tennessee Militia Infantry

COLONEL: James Raulston

  • DATES: November 1814 – May 1815
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Jackson, Sumner, Wilson, Overton, Smith, and White Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: James A. Black, Matthew Cowen, Henry Hamilton, Elijah Haynie, Wiley Huddleston, Matthew Neal, Daniel Newman, Edward Robinson, Charles Wade, and Henry West.


Part of Major General William Carroll’s division at the battles for New Orleans, this regiment suffered casualties during the skirmish of 28th December 1814 and had two of the handful of fatalities on the famous 8 January 1815 battle. General Carroll’s report of the battle tells that Captains Elijah Haynie and Matthew Neal “had the honor of receiving and repelling the attacks of the British forces.” After the war, James Raulston became a prominant member of the state legislature of Alabama.

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