2nd Regiment Tennessee Mounted Volunteers

COLONEL: William Higgins

  • DATES: December 1813 – February 1814
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Madison (Ala.), Lincoln, Robertson, Smith, and Wilson Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: Samuel Allen, John B. Cheatham, John Crane(Craine), Adam Dale, William Doak, Thomas Eldridge, Stephen Griffith, James Hamilton(Hambleton), John Hill, and Joseph Kirkpatrick.


Along with Colonel Perkins’ regiment, this unit comprised the sixty-day volunteers enlisted by William Carroll to fill the rapidly dwindling ranks of Jackson’s army decimated by the desertions of December 1813. Determined to make the most of this new army, Jackson marched these 850 green troops into Creek territory where they encountered the Red Sticks at Emuckfau and Enotochopco (22 and 24 January 1814). The Tennesseans at these battles suffered heavy casualties. The line of march went through Huntsville to Fort Strother and then to the battlefields.

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