2nd Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

COLONEL: Thomas Benton

  • DATES: December 1812 – April 1813
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Williamson, Rutherford, White, Bedford, Davidson, Franklin, Lincoln, and Maury Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: Robert Cannon, George Caperton, George Gibbs, Benjamin Hewett, James McEwen, James McFerrin, William Moore, Isiah Renshaw, Benjamin Reynolds, William J. Smith, and Thomas Williamson.


This regiment, along with Colonel William Hall’s First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and Colonel John Coffee’s Volunteer Cavalry, comprised the army under Andrew Jackson that undertook the expedition to Natchez in late 1812. Many of these men re-enlisted in September 1813 and were then put under the command of Colonel William Pillow, maintaining the same designation of the Second Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. See the entry under Colonel William Pillow for further information.

COLONEL: John Brown

  • DATES: September 1813 – January 1814
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Roane, Anderson, Knox, and Sullivan Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: Allen Bacon, Hugh Barton, William Christian, William Neilson, Lunsford Oliver, James Preston, John Underwood, and William White.


Colonel John Brown commanded two separate regiments at different times during the war. This regiment, along with a unit commanded by Colonel Samuel Bunch, comprised a brigade commanded by General George Doherty of the East Tennessee Volunteer Militia. Accounts of the movement of this regiment show it at Fort Armstrong (late November 1813) and Fort Deposit, which indicate that this unit was probably used to protect the supply lines from East Tennessee.

See the entry under East Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen for further information.

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