2nd Regiment East Tennessee Volunteer Militia

COLONEL: William Lillard

  • DATES: October 1813 – February 1814
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Greene, Jefferson, Sullivan, Cocke, Grainger, Hawkins, and Washington Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: George Argenbright, Zacheus Copeland, Jacob Dyke, William Gillenwater, (Ensign) Abraham Gregg, William Hamilton, Jacob Hartsell, George Keys, Benjamin H. Kings, James Lillard, Robert Maloney, Hugh Martin, Robert McAlpin (McCalpin), Thomas McCuiston, William McLinn, John Neatherton, John Roper, and Thomas Sharp.


This regiment of about 700 men was assigned to fill the ranks at Fort Strother for Andrew Jackson after the December 1813 “mutiny” of his army. While at Fort Strother, they comprised half of Jackson’s forces until mid-January 1814 when their enlistments were up. This regiment was used to keep the lines of communication open and to guard supply lines.

Their route was from Kingston, Tennessee to Fort Armstrong (early December 1813) to Fort Strother. Cherokees friendly to the United States fought with various units of the Tennessee militia and Lieutenant Colonel William Snodgrass commanded a detachment of Cherokees at Fort Armstrong from mid-January to early February 1814.

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