1st Regiment West Tennessee Mounted Volunteers

COLONEL: Nicholas Perkins

  • DATES: December 1813 – February 1814
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Davidson, Williamson, Maury, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sumner, and Wilson Counties.
  • CAPTAINS: John Doak, George Elliott, Mathew Johnson(Johnston), George W.L. Marr, James McMahan, Matthew Patterson, Phillip Pipkin, and John B. Quarles.


This regiment, along with the regiment under Colonel Higgins, comprised the sixty-day volunteers enlisted by William Carroll to fill the depleted ranks of Jackson’s rapidly dwindling army after the first campaign of the Creek War. Although the enlistment terms were short, this regiment saw some of the fiercest action of the Creek War at Emuckfau and Enotochopco (22 and 24 January 1814) where Jackson’s army was nearly routed by attacking Creeks.

Captain John Quarles’ company was in the center column of the rear guard at Enotochopco and suffered heavy casualties; Quarles himself died at this battle. Colonel Perkins and Lieutenant Colonel Stump were accused of cowardice, disobedience of orders, and abandonment of their posts as a result of the actions at Enotochopco. Perkins was acquitted at his court martial but Stump was found guilty and cashiered out of the army.

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