1st Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

COLONEL: Edward Bradley

  • DATES: September 1813 – December 1813
  • MEN MOSTLY FROM: Sumner, Giles, Lincoln, Montgomery, Overton, Rutherford, Smith, and Wilson Counties
  • CAPTAINS: Abraham Bledsoe, Harry Douglass, James Hambleton, John Kennedy, William Lauderdale, Brice Martin, John Moore, Travis Nash, Thomas Haynie, and John Wallace.


This unit was originally under the command of Colonel William Hall during Jackson’s excursion to Natchez. Bradley took over the regiment when Hall was promoted to brigadier general. Bradley’s regiment then became part of Hall’s brigade, along with Colonel William Pillow’s Second Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. This brigade participated in Jackson’s first campaign into the Creek Nation. Bradley’s regiment fought at the Battle of Talladega (9 November 1813) and muster rolls show many casualties from that battle, especially in the companies of Captains Abraham Bledsoe and Brice Smith.

The line of march for this first campaign followed the route from Fayetteville to Huntsville, then to Fort Deposit and Fort Strother. The troops were dismissed in December 1813. The number of men in each captain’s company varied from twenty-nine to seventy-two soldiers.

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